Quality testing systems


Quality is measurable

A laser displacement sensor installed in the measuring device determines:




  Distortion (cross and lengthwise)

  Wing shape


The proven degree of accuracy of the system is +/-0,2mm



The measuring device can be used for either wet (nail hole testing, radius, width), or dry and fired tiles. The measuring of roofing joint tiles, plain tiles and floor tiles as well as chipboards has already been implemented.

Quality is audible

Acoustic survey of roofing tiles featuring the following properties:

Can be adapted according to


  Material / firing fluctuations

  Mould wear / tile types

Testing of several tile types

Minimum margin of error

The proven degree of accuracy of the system is

  < 1,0‰ rejected tiles

  < 0,5‰ errors not detected
       in relation to total production


The double testing of roofing tiles is a particular feature of this system which allows for a very sensitive setting of error recognition (only those tiles are rejected which have been recognized twice as defective) without increasing the general error rate of rejected tiles.