Thermoplan converts wet side and setting station at Wienerberger plants in Malsch and Bad Neustadt

Thermoplan integrates mechanical solutions for U-block production at Wienerberger GmbH's Eisenberg facility

Thermoplan GmbH technology in two German roofing tile factories


Welcome to THERMOPLAN GmbH

a partner to the heavy clay industry for 30 years now

...We have been specialising in heavy clay plants and engineering since 1984! We provide the optimum solution at every stage in the production process – from preparation to sorting. As well as expert consulting, we are committed to offering prompt and reliable delivery – combined with proven service.

Our success is based on our expertise in process engineering for drying, firing and energy saving. We have continuously expanded our range of products and have become a leading supplier of turn-key solutions for almost any sector of the heavy and fine clay industry. We are closely linked to the production process, thus guaranteeing practice-oriented, high-quality products. At the heart of our extensive range of products is a flexible plant control and production data acquisition system, plasticity control and plant optimization.

Our range of services includes...

  Plant conversion
      - Wet-/Setting- and Unloadingunit
      - Integration of robots
      - Dryer
      - Kiln

  Control exchange
      - Kiln-/Dryercontrol (Experience with all major manufacturers)
      - Handling (Experience with all major manufacturers)
      - Preperation/Shaping

  Control Engineering/Switch Cabinet Construction
      - Kiln-/Dryer
      - Handling
      - Preperation/Shaping
      - Technical Extruder incl. Materialpreperation
      - Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley

  Specialized construction

  Operational process data logging
      - Plant control
      - Production data acquisition

  Quality control
      - Measuring
            - Roof tiles, H-cartridges
            - Floor tiles, facade elements
            - Chipboard panels
            - Diesel particulate filters
            - chimney pipes
      - Acoustic survey

  Plasticity control
      - Preperation
      - Shaping

      - Planning of Cnversion/new construction
      - Energy-/Volume balance
      - Performance-/Quality optimization