Company founded by Johannes-Michael Nether
and Dr. Lehmann (former CEO of Eternit)


Dr. Georg Kronawitter joined the company as co-partner and co-managing director


Process optimisation at Laufen AG, Migeon in Pont Aspach
Dryer optimisation at Glaswerke Schuller, Eternit, Rigips
Control assembly for casting sand regeneration plant


Christian Nether joins company as colleague and co-partner


Development of process control technology and application of same at Migeon, Wiest,
Josef Berchthold GmbH and Weber Umwelttechnik


Development of operational data logging (Creaton, Wiest), plasticity adjustmentcontrol,
prototypes, roof tile presses Nova and Wega


Johannes-Michael Nether resigns as managing director,
but remains as shareholder
Christian Nether assumes company management together with Dr. Georg Kronawitter


New development of operational process data logging + process control technology
conversion to Siemens control systems
dryer conversion BdN Lomme, Templeuve, France
development of quality control and monitoring via Laser measurement technology (Creaton)


Dr. Georg Kronawitter resigns as managing director,
but remains as shareholder


Control system for the preparation and shaping of Diesel particles filter
New building, shaping. handling, dryer at BdN Leers, France


Brigitte Nether begins as colleague, subsequently starts as
co-managing director and partner


Expansion of the range offered to include plant conversion/construction,
integration of industrial robots (wet side, setting plant, unloading plant)
energy optimisation of kiln and dryer
new development process data logging + process control technology, online web service