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Issue 7-8/2010

Thermoplan integrates mechanical solutions for U-block production at Wienerberger GmbH's Eisenberg facility

At the Eisenberg facility, new components for U-block production have been added to the setting equipment and packing station.
Back in spring 2009, a new grouping pusher was integrated in the existing setting station, which had previously only been equipped with an aligning bar. Thermoplan undertook the mechanical planning and installation as well as integration into the installed S5 control system.
In the next step, the packing plant was extended over winter 2009/2010. The mechanical components including robots were dismantled at the previously shut-down Hainichen plant and successfully integrated at the Eisenberg packing station in a new design and spatial arrangement. With intelligent utilization of existing components in the mechanical and electrical systems, despite limited space, an interesting integrated concept could be supplied.

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